Monday, July 6, 2009

More Photos from the International Rally, Madison-WI

Dusk at Jefferson, WI
VAC Staging June 26, 2009

One of few Wisconsin round barns left, off Hwy 18 between Jefferson and Madison. This one is home to a great corn maze.
A neat Curtis Wright (yes he's allowed in the rally) all the way from California. Roomy inside with a hidden air conditioner that kept interior temps cold enough to "hang meat" as my dad is fond of saying.

A triple tow rig complete with vintage 60's Nomad Boat/Camper combo bringing up the rear.

The GRASS Vintage Parking Area.

It is said you can judge a shine by whether a woman can apply her makeup in the reflected image. This one was mirror fine!

What my trailer wants to be when it grows up.
This is a nice '65 Ambassador International.
A little shorter than my Sovereign.
Sign in the window says 99.5% original.
Would have liked to poke around, but 5:30am was not a time to knock.

David Winick's latest project: A 1948 Wee Wind under restoration.
Not one to miss out, David slept in the shell, on a piece of foam.
Thanks for being there David, your humor, stories and information were great.

Cake at one of our Happy Hours
What's one of the fun things to do at an Airstream Rally?
Learn Something.
I'm glad I got to attend a CPR/CCR class to update my skills.
Here's a couple photos of a riveting class. No pun intended.
The woman pictured had just bought a rivet gun and couldn't wait to learn how to use it before tackling the interior panel of her trailer.
Dinner with my neighbors in the drizzle under my awning.

Steve, thanks again for helping "free the awning". Frank, thanks for the penatrating oil. We discovered sand in the awning rails. The previous owners must have liked parking on the beach.

Another feast at the Yensan's place.
Thanks again for your generous hospitality!
This goes for Frank, Steve & Marc and their families as well as David and Deb. You all made me feel very welcome.
Fellow Wisconsinite Steve and I will agree: The DC Unit Rules!

Our group took a tour through the rolling hills west of Madison to find some cheese factories. Here are some photo's in and around Mineral Point and Pendarvis, WI.
While none of the factories visited were actively making cheese, I learned a lot about other products and processes. Plus, the company on the drive was great. Thanks for the great conversation and stories Dale.

Pendarvis, WI
For those who didn't turn around...inside joke.
Our tour guide at Brunkow Cheese, Darlington WI.
She pointed out being smaller has its advantages including receiving a nice bonus each time she climbs inside the tank, pictured behind her, to clean it out.
Not sure I could do it even if I did fit in that small opening!
Making cheese spread. Sealing the tops of the containers with Irons.

Cheese in the Mold room. A temperature and humidity controlled room where cheese develops a mold or "rind" on the outside during the aging process.

More fancy cheese from the "mold" storage room. How fancy? Let's just say a little wedge of these small circles goes for over $10. I was in a hurry during check out and didn't see the price. I'll let you know if it was worth it once we taste it. All part of the experience.
It went by too fast. Next time I'll take time off from work so I can enjoy it more. Learned lots. Have lots to do before the next trip. Thanks to everyone who made my first trip and first rally a great experience.