Monday, August 3, 2009

No Frank, I'm NOT CAMPING!

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at the International Rally in Madison, WI...agreeing with Frank Yensan about using your trailer, not gutting it and then wishing you were camping. So what did I do? Let's just say I have a partial GUT JOB.
Yes, I've joined the few, the proud, the: I stand on my driveway where there used to be a floor crowd.

Since I don't want to do this again, I've done my investigation into alternative flooring that won't rot. I've got pricing and samples coming on some interesting alternatives. The Carver Yacht company has a facility 40 miles from me and they're using a lightweight fiberglass sheet product that has promise. Unfortunately, I spoke to the product manufacturers rep over a week ago and I'm still waiting on those samples. I've got a back up plan to use either a variation on the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which is heavier than I'd like or Plywood with epoxy which is more fuss and less quality than I'd like. Meantime I'm re-wiring my garage to get my air compressor up and running, then plan to tackle the rust removal and frame repaint.

I'm only taking down as much of the belly pan and removing only the minimum interior as needed for the rear floor repair. I planned to have everything back together in 1-2 weeks...ya right. Now it's camping by Labor Day or BUST!

Here's the carnage. Sure wish I was camping but I know the work I do now will save additional damage to my trailer.



I'll worry about the bath remodel, plumbing and tanks this winter or as $$$ allow. It didn't work anyway and I'm fine in my aluminum tent for the remainder of this season. Good news is, I found my leak!

See the crack in the gray y-pipe? Yep, that comes from the sinks and tub. And the black soap scum that had penetrated the floor didn't help the smell back there. Since removing the wet flooring the trailer smells a lot better. It's true what I recently read on the Airstream Forum: Trailers shouldn't smell. Funky or otherwise.