Thursday, October 7, 2010

What I did last summer

For those who find this site and expect only Airstream related topics I apologize.

My Airstream has taken a back seat for months at a time and instead of giving the impression I've fallen off the map I've input some alternative activities. Hope that's OK.

After a recent bike trip I came home and tackled the floor with renewed vigor. Must have been the tour of Winnebago...along with the cooler weather.

Airstream Update:

A quick photo of the stuff that needs to be moved in order to get at the Airstream. This doesn't show the amount of rearranging within the barn to accommodate all the "stuff" stored within the Airstream since last year.

Rebuilt the water heater frame work-"While I was at it"

Difficult to see but removing the old flooring revealed somebody's tally. Assume it could have been from production line in 1965?

Finally got the beds out. Shown in rear 4' section is the fiberglass/epoxy flooring installed with plow bolts last year along with a small patch of regular plywood on lower left side. Rest of floor aft of Kitchen is solid. Varied color is due to old glue from original tile floor.

Installed new no-glue vinyl flooring. Neutral beige to match factory interior finishes still in place. It's been through a few heat-cool cycles now with beds and closets in place & screwed down on top of it with no sign of pucker or bumps. I only covered the areas that were covered from factory. Areas unseen aren't covered. This saves on material and weight while allowing me to cover complete trailer with single sheet of 12' x 14' sheet good.

Replaced bed's bulkhead walls and 2 closets. Closed up water heater hole. Rewired converter and got all electrics back up and running. No more blown fuses in the fantastic vent due to rusty ground wire bolt. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. Thank goodness for copious photos taken before disassembly. Printed a cheat sheet with 9 pertinent photos to make sure everything was hooked up the way it should be.
Not sure how I'm going to configure the bath and grey/black tanks yet so with no running water I'm back to my mobile aluminum tent.
Next project, checking the furnace. It's getting cold here in Wisconsin. Still would like to get a trip in to Door County this fall before the colors peter out. But, just in case I don't get it out again I took it for a spin around the farm country to excercise the tires. Pulled like a dream as usual.

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