Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holy Cow, What a Winter!

I'll admit it. I LOVE WINTER.

1.  No bugs.
2.  No bugs.
3.  No bugs.
4.  Walking dogs is fun...because there are no bugs...especially ticks!
5.  Snowmobiling is awesome, especially if you ride vintage.

Now the disclaimers.
1.  Must have plenty of snow.
2.  Must have more sunny days than cloudy.
3.  Must have warm fire to keep out the cold.

That's it. And since these items were met with abundance, I've been a happy hibernator.

Here are some updates from the winter.

Some of  our Wild Turkey Visitors.
We have 10-20 birds per group.
Several Groups per Day.

Two of our Guinea Hens taking a sun bath.

Hank (Left) Molly (Right) & Me

Wendy and Molly

'79 John Deere resurected and out on the trail
"Anyone can ride a new machine...
riding an old machine takes tools, skills and
the ability to walk long distances...
if the tools and skills don't work out."

'78 Airens runs like a champ!

1 comment:

  1. Brrrrrr... no thanks to all that funny looking white stuff on the ground. I like the vintage machines tho.