Saturday, February 21, 2015

Where does the time go?

Has it really been that long? Wow.
New job with a lot of coursework, a certification program and long commute. High gas prices, drought causing more work at home, new interests and activities.  Want excuses?  Pick one...or more.

So, how to dust off and start again?

Step One: Find passwords, relearn how to open blog.  Correct failed link to: As found trailer.  Post an apology to no one in particular for taking up band width on a project blog that hasn't progressed. Check!

Step Two: Admit to self that buying a new(er) RV will solve some nagging issues but will create new issues not the least of which is a whopper payment with scads of interest tacked on.  Plus, where's the satisfaction in that?  Check!

Step Three:  Purchase Archive Set of VAP (Vintage Airstream Podcast) podcasts and listen to each on my ridiculous 2 hour round trip commute.

Step Four:  Develop a realistic plan with checklist to make trailer usable.  Check!

Step Five:  Stock up on parts and supplies so if and when spring arrives, I'll be ready. This has been ongoing - even though the blog hasn't.  Check!

Step Six:  Find and post photos of trailer progress to-date. On It!

Step Seven:  Thank Tim, Colin, Rob and Frank for getting me in to this in the first place.  Guys, if you're reading this, THANKS.  No really, THANKS!

Stay Tuned.

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